1985 Superbowl Champs Visit Rowe-Clark


Rowe-Clark Math and Science Academy, Chicago, IL - Associating sport with life lessons is part of a constant message coming from Noble Athletic Conference coaches.  It helps when that same message is delivered by an NFL Hall of Famer and other members of the Superbowl winning 1985 Bears.  

Hall of Fame linebacker, Mike Singletary, along with Dennis Gentry, Kenny Taylor, Tyrone Keys, and Danny Raines visited Rowe-Clark as part of their promotional tour for the long awaited ESPN 30 for 30 film on the 1985 Bears.


Known as "The Heart of the Defense", Mike Singletary was the leader of what is widely considered the greatest defense in NFL history.  

Singletary and teammates also took time to demonstrate their vaunted "46 Spy Blitz" with members of the Rowe-Clark football team. (See video).


Rowe-Clark head football coach, Brian Hearns, was especially thankful for the opportunity his team was given.  "The lessons and opportunity our boys had today was once in a lifetime.  The tone, the message, and the excitement made it a very special day in Exelon Gymnasium."