2015 Girls Rugby Academic All-Conference

Chicago, IL - Noble aims to provide the best academic experience in the country for over 11,000 students at 16 college prep campuses throughout Chicago.  In 2015, Noble was awarded the prestigious Broad Prize, an honor given to the top public charter network in the country each year.

Becoming a successful student-athlete in a rigorous academic program takes passion, effort, commitment, and prioritization.  Each season, the Noble Athletic Conference will honor eight students for their consistent pursuit of excellence.  The following students exemplify what it takes to be a top Noble student-athlete:

2015 Girls Rugby Academic All-Conference Team

  1. Melinda Hernandez (Pritzker)
  2. Breanna Harrell (Rowe-Clark)
  3. Kiah Johnson (Johnson)
  4. Yaritza Escalante (Noble Street)
  5. Emily Salinas (Rauner)
  6. Shantell Petty (Golder)
  7. Lisbeth Salgada (Bulls Prep)
  8. Yazmin Godoy (Muchin)