NobleFit Overview


What is NobleFit?


NobleFit aims to help create future leaders, trainers, teachers, and coaches through a positive and holistic culture of mental, emotional and physical fitness.  NobleFit is a community of students, athletes, teachers, coaches, athletic directors, campus leaders, and families that consistently and intentionally practice an informed fitness lifestyle. 


It’s a concept, a culture, a cause, a mission, an attitude, and a community all in one. Through NobleFit, students will apply the concepts of mental, emotional, and physical fitness into wellness, physical movement, nutrition, leadership, and athletics.  NobleFit will create students who are equipped to become dynamic fitness and youth sport leaders in their home, community, and beyond.


Mental, Emotional, and Physical Fitness


Research shows that healthier students perform better in the classroom and beyond. Along with our intense focus on academic growth and college graduation, Noble believes in supporting each student in their journey toward mental, emotional, and physical fitness.  


Each Noble student will participate in a rigorous and holistic fitness program at their campus as a support to their academics.  Students are required to pass an annual physical fitness test and a health content assessment.  Students of all ability levels are supported throughout their fitness journey.